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Multi coin selector + USB timer board

* Includes the coin acceptor and the timecontrol board that controls 2 usb devices
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The Coin Acceptor

This multi coin selector can accept up to 6 different kinds of coins at the same time.

So you will be able to decide the amount value of coins you want your customers to insert when using with timer board. when it reaches the value , then start the your machine for a specific time you set up.

For example , If you are using 10cent , 20cent and 50cent coins .you can setup with coin acceptor output as 1 , 2 and 5 pulses . then set up the time (say 10 minutes) and price (say value 5 ) , then when you insert coins and reach total amount 50 cents , the timer board will allow your machine to run for 10 minutes.

About the multy coin acceptor

CH-926 is a multi coin selector, can accept up to 6 kinds of different coins at the
same time. This type of coin selector is widely used in Vending machine, Arcade
Game, Message chair, and other self–management system.

CH-926 is mainly based on material, weight and size to identify coins. We use the most up to date algorithm to design software.

Therefore, CH-926 is very stable and accurate even when
environment changes such as temperature, and humidity etc… In order to increase the accuracy, we suggest different version of coins use different channel to set up.


  • Capable of accepting all worldwide Coins and Tokens.
  • Intelligent CPU software control, and high accuracy .
  • Self-programming without PC.
  • Accept 1~6 different kinds of coins at the same time.
  • Free to set up pulses' output.
  • Prevent not only electric shock but also electromagnetic interference.
  • Automatic self-test for problems.


  • Coin Diameter: 15mm~32mm                    
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa—106Kpa
  • Coin thickness :1.2mm~3.8mm
  • Working humidity:≤95%
  • Working voltage : DC +12V ±10% 
  • Speed:≤0.6s
  • Working current: 65mA ±5% 
  • Accuracy rate of identification:99.5%
  • Signal Output : pulse

USB Timer Control Board

  • Newest version of software.
  • This is used for USB device power supply and time control.
  • Can be used with a coin acceptor or other devices that can output pulse signals, and you can set up for what values to start your machine.
  • Suitable for any kinds of automatic control devices such as gaming machines, massage chairs, shoe polishers, washing machines, chargers, dryers, and PCs.
  • The time can be set by seconds.
  • Maximum time : 99:00 (minutes:seconds) or (hours:minutes)


  • Controls electrical devices power
  • High electrical relay capacity.
  • Suitable for public place location
  • Digital timer: rate adjustable by owner through two simple push button switch
  • Size :54.30 mm × 91.0 mm


  • Power wire : yellow wire +12V , black wire 0V(ground).
  • Signal input : white wire connect to coin acceptor's output or other devices output .
  • Connect USB wires to USB devices.
  • Set up the time and price for machine to work by pushing buttons s1(+), s2(-), and s3(setup).

Easy Setup

  • Press S3 , into time setup mode , then use s1(+), s2(-), buttons to set up time as you need.
  • Press S3 for 5 seconds , into price setup mode , then use s1(+), s2(-) to setup up the price value as you need.


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